COOL JAPAN US THE COOL JAPAN.US is a free cultural exchange support website available for Japan and the USA. 

THE COOL JAPAN.US is a free cultural exchange support website
available for Japan and the USA.

This site is managed by Japanese volunteers who have been living in the US for over 20 years. It is especially designed for individuals' and small business owners' first step into the Japanese or American market.
We will answer any questions about US or Japan. Although we are not professional advisors, we believe we can give you reliable advice based on our experiences. After all it's free. Why not ask?

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Sugai's concept of her fashion is making fashion out of kimono fabric such as Nishijin-ori, and on top of that, using the techniques and sensitivity of traditional kimono trades to create modern fashion.
Jewelry by michio koide
Michio Koide creates jewelry inspired by Japanese traditional arts.
Washi Art by TOMOMI
I have been truly fascinated with the feeling of Washi. It always brings a healing air into the core of my heart.I believe that my meeting with Washi was a fortunate encounter for my life.
-Washi Art artist TOMOMI-
Tides of Fortune
"Tides of Fortune" illustrates changes in the presentation of beauty in Japanese artworks from the Edo period through modern times. The ebb and flow of traditions and innovations will manifest in the many art objects.
The World of Yoshiaki Yuki
Yoshiaki Yuki is a contemporary Japanese artist who communicates images and symbols which speak the beauty of the land and the emotions of the heart. These works are expressed in multiple forms, constrained by neither category, material, nor medium.
GYOKUSEN-DO at Nippon Club Gallery
Since 1816, Japanese GYOKUSENDO has been producing hand-hammered copperware in Niigata Japan. 'TSUIKI-DOKI' is more than two hundred year-old technique of pounding flat copper sheets into three dimensional goods such as kettles and teapots has been elevated to a fine art. In 2010, GYOKUSENDO became the house of Living Cultural Treasure of Japan.
Norihiro Tsuru / Violinist & Compsoer
He released his first solo-album in 1989. Since then, he has been continuously challenging new musical ideas. Along with composing music for acclaimed TV programs, he collaborates with visual creators. His music is poetic and visually resonates in the hearts of his audiences.
Gleam Of Dynasty / New design kimono by Naoki Nomura
Original KIMONO by Naoki Nomura The Nippon Gallery host an Original Kimono Exhibition by Naoki Nomura, one of the living masters of the Kyo Yuzen style of kimono design. Kyo Yuzen is based on a dyeing technique perfected in Kyoto around the middle of Japan's Edo period, which lasted from 1603 to 1867.
NY NOW - Where emerging talent is discovered
Drawing 35,000 attendees from all 50 states and 80+ countries, NY NOW® is produced twice annually and is open to the trade only. Held in January and August in New York City, the Market hosts 2,800 exhibiting companies. The market organized into four collections – HOME, LIFESTYLE, HANDMADE and NEW.